The DOMElement class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

Class synopsis

class DOMElement extends DOMNode implements DOMParentNode, DOMChildNode {
/* Properties */
public readonly string $tagName;
public string $className;
public string $id;
public readonly mixed $schemaTypeInfo = null;
public readonly ?DOMElement $firstElementChild;
public readonly ?DOMElement $lastElementChild;
public readonly int $childElementCount;
/* Inherited properties */
public readonly string $nodeName;
public ?string $nodeValue;
public readonly int $nodeType;
public readonly ?DOMNode $parentNode;
public readonly ?DOMElement $parentElement;
public readonly DOMNodeList $childNodes;
public readonly ?DOMNode $firstChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $lastChild;
public readonly ?DOMNode $previousSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNode $nextSibling;
public readonly ?DOMNamedNodeMap $attributes;
public readonly bool $isConnected;
public readonly ?DOMDocument $ownerDocument;
public readonly ?string $namespaceURI;
public string $prefix;
public readonly ?string $localName;
public readonly ?string $baseURI;
public string $textContent;
/* Methods */
public __construct(string $qualifiedName, ?string $value = null, string $namespace = "")
public after(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public append(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public before(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public getAttribute(string $qualifiedName): string
public getAttributeNames(): array
public getAttributeNode(string $qualifiedName): DOMAttr|DOMNameSpaceNode|false
public getAttributeNodeNS(?string $namespace, string $localName): DOMAttr|DOMNameSpaceNode|null
public getAttributeNS(?string $namespace, string $localName): string
public getElementsByTagName(string $qualifiedName): DOMNodeList
public getElementsByTagNameNS(?string $namespace, string $localName): DOMNodeList
public hasAttribute(string $qualifiedName): bool
public hasAttributeNS(?string $namespace, string $localName): bool
public insertAdjacentElement(string $where, DOMElement $element): ?DOMElement
public insertAdjacentText(string $where, string $data): void
public prepend(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public remove(): void
public removeAttribute(string $qualifiedName): bool
public removeAttributeNode(DOMAttr $attr): DOMAttr|false
public removeAttributeNS(?string $namespace, string $localName): void
public replaceChildren(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public replaceWith(DOMNode|string ...$nodes): void
public setAttribute(string $qualifiedName, string $value): DOMAttr|bool
public setAttributeNode(DOMAttr $attr): DOMAttr|null|false
public setAttributeNodeNS(DOMAttr $attr): DOMAttr|null|false
public setAttributeNS(?string $namespace, string $qualifiedName, string $value): void
public setIdAttribute(string $qualifiedName, bool $isId): void
public setIdAttributeNode(DOMAttr $attr, bool $isId): void
public setIdAttributeNS(string $namespace, string $qualifiedName, bool $isId): void
public toggleAttribute(string $qualifiedName, ?bool $force = null): bool
/* Inherited methods */
public DOMNode::appendChild(DOMNode $node): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::C14N(
    bool $exclusive = false,
    bool $withComments = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): string|false
public DOMNode::C14NFile(
    string $uri,
    bool $exclusive = false,
    bool $withComments = false,
    ?array $xpath = null,
    ?array $nsPrefixes = null
): int|false
public DOMNode::cloneNode(bool $deep = false): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::contains(DOMNode|DOMNameSpaceNode|null $other): bool
public DOMNode::getLineNo(): int
public DOMNode::getNodePath(): ?string
public DOMNode::getRootNode(array $options = null): DOMNode
public DOMNode::hasAttributes(): bool
public DOMNode::hasChildNodes(): bool
public DOMNode::insertBefore(DOMNode $node, ?DOMNode $child = null): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::isDefaultNamespace(string $namespace): bool
public DOMNode::isEqualNode(?DOMNode $otherNode): bool
public DOMNode::isSameNode(DOMNode $otherNode): bool
public DOMNode::isSupported(string $feature, string $version): bool
public DOMNode::lookupNamespaceURI(?string $prefix): ?string
public DOMNode::lookupPrefix(string $namespace): ?string
public DOMNode::normalize(): void
public DOMNode::removeChild(DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false
public DOMNode::replaceChild(DOMNode $node, DOMNode $child): DOMNode|false



The number of child elements.


First child element or null.


Last child element or null.


The next sibling element or null.


The previous sibling element or null.


Not implemented yet, always return null


The element name


A string representing the classes of the element separated by spaces


The element ID


Version Description
8.0.0 The firstElementChild, lastElementChild, childElementCount, previousElementSibling, and nextElementSibling properties have been added.
8.0.0 DOMElement implements DOMParentNode and DOMChildNode now.



The DOM extension uses UTF-8 encoding. Use mb_convert_encoding(), UConverter::transcode(), or iconv() to handle other encodings.

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